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Mud Stud(R)


Created by two guys, Jeff (jt) Mankin and Cody McCarver, who live to have fun pickin' music, getting out in the great outdoors, hunting, fishing, and jumpin' in the truck or on the bikes and gettin' dirty and muddy!  We are looking for anyone else in the great USA who likes to do the same thing.  If that's you, come join the fun!  We are doing what we love to do... and you can be a Mud Stud too...  hit contact us and shoot us an email...


Where did Mud Stud(R) come from?  While listening to "Let's Get Dirty" - a song recorded and performed by Cody McCarver - Jeff came up with the vision of Mud Stud(R).  In his words, "My ole' buddy Cody McCarver called me up and we were talking about making some T-Shirts for his song "Let's Get Dirty" for an upcoming concert.  Later that day, I was listening to 'Let's Get Dirty' on Cody's Album and I started imagining a bunch of guys and girls riding 4-wheelers and horses out in the mud - gettin' dirty and having a blast - hanging out around the campfire at night - which is a lot of what we have done all our lives - and which really has nothing to do with his song! (lol) - it's about a Race Car Driver nicknamed 'Dirty' and all the other Race Car Drivers are out to get him - hence the name  'Let's Get Dirty'... but the words MUD STUD just popped into my head for some reason while I was playing this little made up video in my mind... and that was it.  It was on!  MUD STUD was born.  Growing up in TN, we have TN Walkers and STUD is a common word.  Some of these STUD's run 10's of thousands of dollars - some hundreds of thousands - and some more.  They have barns and stalls that are nicer than my house and get carted around in Air Conditioned Semi's.  They are good at what they do - Breeding Champions!  So MUD STUD stems from the idea that if you are the best at something - that makes you a Stud.  Nothing sexual about it - just means you're good at it.  Further than that - if you simply 'love to do something and you approach it with a passion - that makes you a Stud at that too.  We have men, women, and even 'Little Mud Studs' running all over the USA.  If you have a kid who likes playing in the mud - you have to get them a 'My Little Mud Stud T-shirt!' - they are awesome... teach them young to get down and enjoy the Earth and play in the Mud.  Get them as dirty as you can in one of our T-Shirts and email me the photo - that goes for you Men and Women as well... I would love to see them - and may use them online and in print!  Anyway - that's how it all got started!  Get yourself some registered MUD STUD gear (Caps and T's) - and join the family!"


                                                             If you "WORK IN IT" or "PLAY IN IT" - then you are one of us!

                                                                                   Welcome to MUD STUD USA!!!


MUD STUD(R) is a Registered Trademark. © 2015 MUD STUD USA.  All Rights Reserved.